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Repaired damaged front bumper.  Replaced damaged rear spoiler.  Painted and applied clearcoating to hood, front bumper and rear spoiler.  Pulled out several dings and touched up chips in paint.  Waxed and polished.  Essentially, Tony went over the exterior of the car and fixed what needed fixing.  See above.  It was a lot, required a trained eye and took a good amount of time to do correctly. Tony is a top-notch and skilled paint, detailing and PDR specialist…and business owner as this is his shop.  This is the fourth car of mine that he’s worked on and he’s worked on several of my friends’ cars as well.  Perhaps the main thing is Tony has a passion for this business and cares about his work product.  I also like that he takes the time to explain the details.  No shortcuts and he stands behind his work.  It’s very hard to find folks with these qualities so I highly recommend Tony.  Tony always seems to have a collectible car in his shop that needs paint repair, etc.  Knowing that folks trust him with rare cars further validates that his work is excellent and valued.

Greg Renn

I had a dent in my front fender and scrape marks on my front bumper.  I researched Dents Charlotte and Tony on Angie’s List and contacted him.  He got back to me right away.    I sent him pictures of the damage, and my husband took my car in for him to see.

He repaired the damage at a much lower price than my dealer had quoted, and he did a fantastic job!  I have a pearlized white color on my car that involves 2 coats of paint, and Tony matched and blended the paint beautifully.  In addition to fixing the dents, Tony also touched up the paint scratches/chips on the other parts of my car.  It looks like new!

Tony had told me the job would take 3 days, but he finished in only 2.

My husband and I are delighted with his work and will definitely use him again (we just hope we don’t need to too soon).
It is also fascinating to go to Dents Charlotte’s shop.  Tony repairs antique cars. Fascinating!

Harriet Gater

I sent photos and received a preliminary estimate via email.  I was hoping the dent could be repaired without repainting, etc. but when I brought it in for the detailed estimate,  Anthony said he could do the fender that way but not the door, so the final estimate was considerably higher.  He said the work would take 3 days.
I made an appointment and brought the car in as scheduled.  He said they were very busy – and I believed him since the shop was full – and to do a quality job it might have to go into the fourth day, which I approved.  I got a call at noon on the fourth day saying it was ready.
The work looks very good to this layman, and Anthony was very pleasant to work with.  He even said one part of the work in the estimate didn’t have to be done, which lowered the final price by $50.00 – a nice surprise!

Dealing with car body repairs is never fun, but Anthony made it as painless as possible.

Michael Warner

Tony was very responsive when I called him and told him what I wanted to have done.  Initially in email I just mentioned the two dents on the hood.  When I got there I showed him the passenger door.  He worked on my car right away.  Even though they were minor items, it was a new car and he understood my wanting to keep the car looking new for as long as I could.  In half an hour he had the hood looking brand new.  Also, he fixed the ding on the door, and he did it so it required no touch up paint.  That also looks brand new.  I was not only amazed at how he fixed these items, but in looking at what he was working on in his shop.
He is a full paint and body shop.  He and his workers were building two cars from scratch.  They were beautiful.  I was watching the other two workers, and they really took their time and were making sure everything was perfect.  You can tell they are perfectionists.  I will definitely use them in the future for all my body work needs.

Carl Russo

I scraped/dented the left passenger door on a pole going through pre-order grocery line. I searched Angie’s List and was impressed by the positive reviews of Dents Charlotte, plus I purchased a deal for $150 of body work for $135. Tony had to purchase a new door shell from Ford, paint it the exact color (which is a fancy, complicated platinum white), then attach it to the door frame.

I was thoroughly impressed by Tony and the work he did on my car. I was able to set up an appointment for him to view the damage, and he explained the process/timing and the pricing. He took care of ordering the new door shell from Ford, and kept me informed that Ford initially sent a door shell that arrived to him damaged, so he had to order another one. He arranged for me to rent a car from Enterprise and drove me to Enterprise to pick up the rental and picked me up when I had to return the rental. His price seemed very fair, and he explained that unless the damage was over $3K, it was not worth submitting me my insurance, especially since the damage was my fault. I will definitely use Dents Charlotte again and will recommend Tony to all my friends.

Carrie Lott

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