Charlotte’s Source for Quality Dent Repair

Turn back the clock on your vehicle with the services from Dents Charlotte. At our body shop in Charlotte, North Carolina, we specialize in a series of options for most makes and models. From dent repairs to auto scratch repairs, we are available to assist with all of your needs. Visit us today to undo damage caused by a recent collision or hailstorm.

Your Auto Scratch Repair

Do you remember how beautiful your car looked the day you drove it home from the dealership? Wouldn’t it be great if you could enjoy that same look each and every day?

Not all body damage involves massive dents or chips. If your car receives an unsightly scratch, there is a repair option for you. Our team of professionals will buff and wax the affected area to make it look new again.

Full Service from our PDR Company

You deserve to drive a vehicle that shines like new. Whether you were involved in a fender bender or backed into a curb, the team at Dents Charlotte is committed to making your car or truck look new again. Our services are designed to fix damage caused by a number of factors. We offer the following body shop repair options for most makes and models of foreign and domestic vehicles:

  • Paintless Dent Repair
  • Auto Body Repair
  • Collision Repair
  • Bumper Repair
  • Headlight Refinishing
  • Scratch & Chip Repair
  • Vehicle Restoration
  • Custom Paintwork
  • Fabrication & Building

The Technology behind Paintless Dent Repair Services

Nothing is more frustrating for a vehicle owner than dealing with the damage caused by a sideswipe or fender bender. Whether your car was struck by another vehicle, a shopping cart, or suffered damage during a storm, taking care of the body problems is easy and affordable. As construction of modern automobiles becomes cheaper, many models require dent repair on a more frequent basis.

The next time your vehicle is involved in an accident, don’t bring it to a high-priced body shop. At Dents Charlotte, we are proud to offer our paintless dent repair (PDR) services. These services are designed to bring the metal back flush with the original panel surface without the use of paints or expensive fillers. If your vehicle has only surface damage, we are able to repair dents of any size. Please note that if your panel has been altered to the point of bending edges, you may need to bring the vehicle to a body shop for more in-depth repairs.

Contact us today in Charlotte, North Carolina, to work with our shop for your dent repair services. Our technicians handle auto scratch repair for most makes and models throughout the area.